Gelert – Terrain Summer Walking Trousers

Terrain Trousers look the part

I’m quite a fan of wearing board-shorts in summer, so I can feel the fresh air on my shins and get a silly tan line just below my knees. But when the nettles are at waist-height and the ticks are latching on to dogs and legs alike I err on the side of caution and wear trousers when walking in the local hills.

So usually I’m covered in a layer of perspiration and chafing in the parts that other beers can’t reach whilst wearing ‘trekking’ trousers or, if caught unawares jeans, on my walks with the dog, and striding up a hill becomes more of a chore than a pleasure.

But I n0w have one pair of utterly brilliant summer walking trousers which, I kid you not, I wore for 10 days straight when they arrived.

The Gelert Terrain Trousers are sold as a Summer walking trouser and it’s easy to see why. They are made from a single skin of very lightweight nylon which feels soft and smooth against the skin, and doesn’t stick when you’re sweaty.

The whole pair weigh far less than a more familiar pair of walking trousers, like the Craghoppers pair we reviewed recently, and also pack down much smaller in your bag. A neat bonus of them being nylon is that major creases from packing drop out nice and quickly.

Fitted with an elasticated waist, I find the 32R to be a very comfy fit all day. They’re not supplied with a belt, but do come with belt loops. I only found myself needing a belt when bending over a lot to pitch a tent on a hot day.

The Terrain trousers feature two nicely deep hand pockets, lined with what seems to be a thin cotton material. This makes them vent quite pleasantly. The trousers also have two zippered side pockets on the thigh which I always use for wallet and phone – it keeps things from getting in the way when I lift my legs to climb hills.

The Terrain trousers are styled very subtly, and you won’t feel out of place if you stride off the hill and into a restaurant. They’re available in dark blue-grey or khaki so will fit in with most outdoor wardrobes.

As summer walking trousers, the Terrain’s feature a couple of neat selling points:
SPF40 – to protect you from the summer sun
Mosquito repellency – Although I have no idea how they manage this!
Anti-microbial coating – so you won’t stink after 10 days of wearing them, which I can vouch for. The wife never even noticed!

SUMMARY: The Gelert Terrain walking trousers are simple, very lightweight summer trousers and have proven perfect for walking up hill and cross-country on the hottest days of the year so far. They look smart, are very comfortable and I’ve enjoyed wearing them a lot. I’m going to ask Gelert for some more! We tested Mens, but Womens are also available.

Price: £29
From: Google Shopping

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