Gelert Folding Double Wash Bowl

A few weeks ago I once again found myself in need of a portable washing-up bowl for the kind of camping where there isn’t a handy washing-up station provided.
Having been disappointed by the Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink, this time I was presented with Gelert’s Folding Double Wash Bowl to try.

My initial impression was one of overkill – who needs a double washing-up bowl when you’re camping? I soon realised that actually, two bowls come in really handy in the middle of a field. One bowl to wash up in, another to either rinse in (as a replacement for a running tap), or to use as a drainer.

Gelert's Folding Double Wash Bowl. Twice the fun.

The bowl is made of a strong flexible polythene-type material (Gelert’s website is a bit scant on detail), with additional sturdiness provided by plastic tube struts sealed into each corner and across the horizontals, so there’s no chance of your washing-up water making a break for it.
There are also three handles attached width-ways across each end and mid-way, so you can grab everything and shift somewhere else if you fancy a change of scenery while scrubbing your pots.

Why blokes shouldn't do dishes. Andy cleans a grill with a stick.
Easily big enough to hold regular-sized plates and assorted other cooking gubbins, the thick polythene-ish material means that you’d also be unlikely to damage this bowl with a sharp knife unless you’re going for the dart-board approach to filling it.
My only concern is how it would stand up to being shoved in the loft untended for a year or two… will it start to go brittle and crack? Only time will tell, I suppose, but it’s cheap enough to replace should the worst happen.

Weighing the same as a couple of Mars bars, the bowl folds up easily enough to the size of a paperback book, making packing and transportation easy peasy lemon (washing-up liquid) squeezy.

Summary: Cheap and cheerful, this sturdy sink does what it should – it’s a good depth, wide enough to hold plates, and keeps your washing-up water in one place. The bonus of a second sink means you can rinse or drain your stuff with ease. Also, unlike the Sea to Summit bowl, it works no matter how much – or little – water you put in it.

Price: £9.99 (RRP)
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