Gelert Deluxe 4 Person Roll Top Table

Just above camping cutlery, when it comes to boring reviews, are camping tables. I’ve decided, ergo it’s fact.
Take this table from Gelert. The Deluxe 4, as I’ve decided to call it, doesn’t do much at all other than act as a landing point for… well, camping cutlery and stuff. And beer. And books. Things like that.
This particular one is billed as being just the job for four people to sit around and drink beer, read books and, er, play the spoons.

Gelert Deluxe 4 Person Roll Top Table
The Gelert Deluxe 4. Beer, apple pie and crisps. The dinner of kings.

‘Cept it’s not. Not really. You could easily fit Dopey, Grumpy, Happy and Blitzen around it (although they wouldn’t be able to see what’s on it – this is a rather tall table), but an Andy, Jodie, Mrs Muz and a Muz would have great difficulty when you add drinks, napkins, bowls and wotnot. In fact one of them – probably the Muz – would have to go and wait somewhere else until space became free.
Don’t get me wrong, this is still a decent table but its name comes with a healthy dose of optimism.

Arriving in a bag much like your average camping chair, the table needs only minimal construction because it has been designed to pack away into only two sections – the legs and the top. Once you drag the legs out by the scruff of the neck (taking care not to remove your fingers on the hinges) they just fold out, with the pair on one side locking into place with a couple of spring-loaded buttons. The other pair kind of float about a bit because they don’t lock, but any rigidity issues are quickly fixed when the top goes on and stabilises the whole thing.

The top itself concertinas up before going into the bag because it is constructed using narrow aluminium slats all held together with elastic running through them to make sure they all stay where they should be. They unroll onto the top of the legs, jiggle about until they get seated then lock into place with spring-loaded doodahs. Then they just securely sit there. Waiting. For stuff.

As mentioned, this is a tall table though. Sitting at it in a normal camping chair you will, at the very least, need to reach to bust level to retrieve your bottle. You can eat at it, sure, but expect to be elbowing your fellow Pot Noodlers in the face as you do so. I’d very much like to see a redesign featuring breakable legs of some kind so I can lower it to at least half the height if I wanted to.
Still, this is certainly a good table for two and serves well in the corner of the tent porch where you can dump stuff that you want to keep off the ground. Like books and beer and cutlery.

SUMMARY: Not great but certainly not awful. Not big enough for four either, unless you’re in panto. Lightweight for a table but when packed away the bag is a bit big and unwieldy. At £66 it’s maybe a bit pricey too, at least for me anyway.

Price: £65.99 (RRP)
More info: Gelert