Gelert – Bamboo Charcoal base layer top

Where do they get these headless models?

This is a guest review by Rachel.

Despite being a bit of an exercise enthusiast, I have to confess that I rarely invest in any of the ‘made for purpose’ sports gear in the shops. No high-tech, high-performing materials for me – instead I’ve got a drawer stuffed full of generic cotton vest tops and leggings. So it felt like a bit of a treat to try out Gelert’s base layer, made with “Bamboo Charcoal Yarn”.

For starters the sizing was spot on. I’m a size 10 on top, the top was a size 10, it fitted perfectly. It might come down to personal preference, but my only niggle was the high neckline. If you were wearing the top for extra warmth or as a bit of a wind break it would no doubt do the job, but running on a warm afternoon it felt a bit restrictive and I kept finding myself trying to tug it down.

Colour gets a thumbs up from me too. The grey/light purple hues were feminine without being girly. Too many of the big sports labels seem to revert straight to hot pink when it comes to their ladies ranges. With a complexion that is best described as “English Rose”, hot pink is not my colour.

And finally the important stuff. According to the label the ‘bamboo charcoal’ element is meant to wick sweat from the skin, regulate body temperature and beat odour – all big claims. I put the top through its paces on an 11-mile run, in 20-degree heat, and by the end I felt cool, dry and comfortable. Can’t ask for more than that.

Rachel (who does have a head) models the non-smelly top for us and even co-ordinates her nails.

SUMMARY: If you like close-fitting, tailored gear when you’re larking about in the great outdoors, this will suit you down to the ground. If you prefer a bit more room to move, maybe give it a swerve. A quick internet search reveals that the Gelert Bamboo Base Layer retails at about £14.99, and after a spin through the washing machine it seems to have retained its fit, colour and finish.

Price: £14.99 (RRP)
From: Gelert 

  • Good review and have taken you comments on board for the next production of this style. Looking at the image the front next drop is about right for a base layer style, as you do not want this too low compared to a running top but will relook at this before new production starts.

    look forward to more reviews of Gelert productions

    Mark Neck – Garment Technologist (clothing and Baselayers)