Gelert – Aurora Women’s Waterproof Jacket

Perfect for cafe life

I was immediately taken with this jacket’s design. It’s incredibly flattering and feminine and fits really well even on my unusually long torso. The high neck/collar is a great feature which protects you from drafts and looks fab. It also has a soft, fleecy lining to keep your chin from being scratched. Design and fit wise it’s a jacket that’ll take you comfortably from a trail and into town.

My version is a kind of matt black with the zippers picked out in pink and the logos are not too intrusive so it passes my branding issues.

It fits in a comfortably snug form-fitting way, so if you’re the type that likes wearing heaps of layers or chunky knits you’ll probably want to order a size bigger than you normally wear. That said, it’s worth noting that on recent trip to the frozen north I wore long sleeved t-shirt, cardigan and this jacket and was well protected from the wind and cold whilst sat outside enjoying a pub lunch with the hound.

I am extremely impressed by all the bells and whistle elements such as the drawstring for tightening the waist (to stop those irritating up-drafts) hidden away in the pockets. There are two inside pockets in addition to the two external ones. The main zip is double ended so you can quickly access those internal pockets without undoing the whole coat, and finally the hood – which tucks away really nicely into the aforementioned collar – can be zipped off completely.

A bare behind

I feel this jacket is a good all rounder as it’s lightweight enough that it’s not too much of a burden to carry around to protect you from summer showers and it’s also heavyweight enough as it has a two layer construction that you feel well insulated from some of the coldest and breeziest of winter weather.

The jacket is rainproofed and the zips certainly haven’t let in any water during my test wanderings. The hood has a peaked cap design re-inforced with wire which works well in giving the hood some shape and keeping rain out of your eyes. It fastens around the neck with velcro and toggle fasteners which have helped to keep the whole thing firmly in place during some pretty stiff winds.

I did find that I can’t hear too well with the hood up, which is partly due to the fact your head is so well encased and the fact that the fabric is rather rustly which you do notice when the wind is giving you a bit of a battering.

Summary: I feel this jacket is a great all rounder, and the design more than justifies the £70 price tag as you’ll get heaps of wear from it as its so versatile. It’s very waterproof, and seals out the wind and cold too. Styling is feminine and flattering, and the finish is very high quality.