FreeKey – Painless keyring system

Key rings must be one of the most useful inventions ever devised. So simple that we take them completely for granted, but useful for keeping keys together, replacing broken zipper pulls and for breaking your fingernails. And it’s that last use which FreeKey have looked in to and come up with an evolution to the classic design.


Hewn out of Stainless Steel and finished in a matt, shotblasted texture, the FreeKey is formed in to a ring with a little dimple in it which acts as a pivot to open and close its entrance gate without the need to shove a fingernail, knife or key down between the rings. It’s very clever indeed and works an absolute treat. It is especially useful for those of you who add and remove multiple keys often. We have 2 vehicles at home and their keys live on separate rings. We pick up whichever set we’re using that day and latch them on to our keys or leave them loose in a pocket so we get that 10-second pannicked searching feeling when we’re ready to leave for home.

The FreeKey is multiple times more expensive than the traditional alternative, but I can see it being much more convenient for elderly people or those with limited hand dexterity.

Have a look at the video on Wilderness 121’s website for more information:

Price: £4.99
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