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At 24oz ( 1.2 pints, 0.7 of a litre) the FIT (Filter Isolation Technology) top water bottle is one of the bigger bottles around. It’s BPA free, easy to clean as you can get into the top, or you can stick most parts in the dishwasher, and it clearly tells you where the ‘fill line’ is. The USP is the filtering process and drink additives option which I will come on to – but for now it passes the basics – PLUS the manufacturers say you can ‘glugg’ so I was game for testing.

FIT bottle Lisa 3

I like to glugg; sipping just doesn’t do it for me, and I get frustrated with the ‘sports’ tops with pushes or straws that you don’t tilt to drink, so I immediately warmed to this bit of kit. Plus – they claim it will fit other bottles which is cute – although it didn’t work with any of the bottles in my collection. Could be a US thing.

So I glugged it while in the tent -which was lovely first thing in the morning. I glugged it after a long dog walk, and was able to pour some out for the dog without needing to carry a second bottle. I also tried to glug it in a hot yoga class which was a bit tricky but I think that’s because the flip top’s new and a tiny bit stiff and my hands were slippy, and to be fair yoga is more of a sippy situation, so it did OK. But as soon as I got in the car on the drive home, I glugged delightfully.

The FIT bottle sits nicely in the cup holder by the handbrake, and with the top permanently open it  is good for a long journey. What’s more, you can tip the flipped lid to one side, and it sits on your cheek, so you can still see when driving and it doesn’t bonk your sunglasses or obscure your view on the road.

FIT bottle Lisa 2Cyclists and athletes and outdoors exercise folks, this is where you need to pay attention – because this is where the bottle really shines. It filters the water as you fill, then locks it away. They call it filter isolation technology – but what you need to know is that if you’re a water snob like me and you need to refill away from home – just flip open the top, slide it back and fill up as it the water will pass through a ‘carbon made from high grade coconut media’ filter.

This is great news if you’d like it to taste a bit better because in your head you know some filtering has been attempted while filling from a campsite tap, or sink in a loo, or other public place. My test 24oz FIT bottle lasts for 370 refills – they say that’s about one change per season – nice to add it to your calendar as a reminder. (oh and they sell the filter bits online)

FIT bottle How it worksAs there are no claims to remove out any nasties, this is only for already deemed drinkable water – and not safe to fill from a stagnent pond (but FYI when I tested it from a home water source which is very chlorine-y, the taste and smell certainly went away).

Exercise types keep reading as this bottle solves a big problem for anyone who adds electrolytes, green powders and additives into their water. Because of the FIT design, the filter is protected when you drink so no powders can get in, and that gluggable spout is plenty big enough to pour a sachet in.

I especially like that I don’t need to unscrew the top every time I fill and the bottle is also managable weight wise when full, so even though my little hand doesn’t go around the whole bottle I can hang on to the top to carry it around. It’s also been rolling around in my bag with no leaks, because of the snap design of the top.

My funky new accessory has got the thumbs up all round – they do a 14oz and a tinted version in green, red and blue……..and if only they would make a pink one with a dent in where you hold, to make it a bit easier to grasp for us people with small hands, I would probably marry it.

You can see a video on how the filter works here:

4-hammersPrice: $24.99 (Use code: GearWeAre20 to receive a 20% discount)

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