Feedback Sports – Sport Mechanic Workstand

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Feedback Sports – Sport Mechanic Workstand

Stand and deliver, your muddy old bike

After years of wrestling new parts onto upside down bikes or wedging the wheels into stacking
palettes to stand them upright I decided up was about time I got myself a proper workstand.

Great finish

Workstands normally start at around £70 but I’d been advised that the cheaper variety break pretty quick so I opted for a mid price model. This one works rather like a camera tripod with three stabilising feet at the base with a telescopic column finishing with a clamp arm and winding clamp at the top that holds the bike by the seat post. The clamp arm will rotate a full 360 degrees and also tilt.

It didn’t need any assembly out of the box and was ready to go once unpacked. All the adjustment points feel positive and sturdy, holding up my middle weight freeride bike (about 35Lbs) without any visible sign of stress. The spec states it will hold up to 65Lbs and it folds up nicely for storage or transportation.

An arty top-view, grr.

The first job using the workstand was a thorough clean and lube of all the moving parts on my bike. Noticeable advantages were that having the bike elevated a couple of feet off the ground and being able to turn the pedals in the right direction made it a lot easier to clean the chain rings, chain and gearing. Being able to rotate the clamping arm of the stand made it easier to get to those hard to reach bits.

Having the bike stable and suspended made maintenance much easier for tricky jobs such as servicing suspension linkage. Anyone who’s giving their bike a full workout every week will know what it takes to keep it maintained and anything that makes it easier is more than welcome.

Summary: This is one of those tools where once you’ve owned one, you never want to be without it. The workstand gives you the ability to position the bike to the optimum for any job you need to do.Working on a firmly tethered cycle makes things quicker and easier. Judging from the positive feeling from all the moving parts, I have no reason to doubt that this bit of kit is up to the job. Being very fussy, perhaps slightly longer legs would be an improvement but providing you position the clamp arm in the ideal place it can’t topple over.

Price: £129.99
From: Bikegoo

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