Falke – TR4 short women’s running socks

This is a guest review by Rachel.

Socks are socks, right?
Well, no actually.

They don't all glow like that!

It was only when I was in training for a marathon last year that I truly started to appreciate the value of those couple of millimetres of material that sit between your foot and your shoe. To prove my point, I’m still mourning the loss of a toenail on my right foot!

But enough about that. These Falke socks are billed as ‘trail running socks with stabilising and support functions’, designed for cross-country running. I haven’t used them in precisely this capacity, but I’ve worn them during some light hiking and some city running, and they performed well in both scenarios.

Things I liked:
– They’re the low-cut style that I like for running. No tight elastic hovering around the ankle
– They kept my feet warm, even when I was tramping through light snow, but I didn’t get sweaty feet
– They’re well cushioned – enough that my feet didn’t rub even though I was wearing a brand new pair of shoes
– Sometimes with cheaper socks the layers of cushioning start to separate after a few washes. These wash really well – they’ve been through the machine half a dozen times and they still look brand new
-They’re marked left and right – great for making sure the cushioning sits in the right place when you’re pulling them on bleary-eyed in the morning(!)

Things I didn’t like:
No major quibbles to mention, but…
– The price. £14 for one teeny tiny pair of socks seems steep, even when they’re superior quality to what you can bulk-buy in a sports shop
– They feel ever-so-slightly synthetic to the touch

Interestingly, the TR4 socks won a Red Dot design award last year, which is pretty impressive for a sock. Other winners were the BMW 5-series and the iPhone 4!

Summary: Great-performing socks with cushioning in all the right places and very good quality manufacture… but just out of my price range at £14 per pair. Maybe one for the more serious athlete or higher earner, which is why I’ve marked the socks down.

 Price: £14 per pair
More: Falke 

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