Falke – TK5 and TK2 Socks

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Falke – TK5 and TK2 Socks

The TK5, very thin with padding underneath

You may well have never heard of Falke because they’re German and known better for their lingerie than their Outdoor apparel. Indeed, it’s possible to spend several long hours on their website before you find their outdoor socks. Instead you’re thrust upon by imagery of ladies naked except for stockings, and men in the buff apart from socks.


Now, for the 6 of you who haven’t defected to their site for a perv who are still reading this review, I shall continue…

I was sent two sets of TK5 (thin) and TK2 (thicker) socks a few weeks ago to try out, and I’ve been putting them through their paces on a variety of walks.

The TK5 socks are very thin (think normal dress socks as opposed to hiking socks), and are made from a mix of wool, polypropylene and nylon. They’re a very close knit sock with a good, snug fit and small areas of padding on the ball and heel of the foot. They’re very comfortable and stay up on your ankle well. They also feature a foot-shaped design, which means that you get a Left and a Right, not an identical pair. They’ve sewn in an R and L for the easily confused amongst us.

However, I quickly realised that they’re too thin to wear with the boots which usually get paired with thicker woolen socks. They designed for ‘shoes’, and for walks in the meadow amongst daffodils and bluebells, not up on the hills.

One point about the TK5s – they’re so thin that, paired with a less breathable pair of shoes, if you sweat they get easily overwhelmed by the volume of moisture and you feel damp quickly. Summer shoes only!

The TK2, a bit thicker

The TK2 socks are the thicker brothers to the TK5, and are akin to a lightweight hiking sock from someone like Bridgedale. They’re pretty thin on top and around the ankle, but with more padding on the ball and heel of the foot. Again, they stay up well and are comfortable.

The TK2 have less wool content and more plastic, so they wick a bit better. They’re very warm in use, and paired with some leather boots my feet were a little too warm and sweaty, so again, think lightweight summer boots and you’ll be probably be OK.

Quality of manufacture on both the TK5 and TK2 is top-end, as it should be for the price of £15 each.

SUMMARY: Falke make high-quality socks for summer and light-end use. Pair them up with lighter boots, good ventilation and a gentle hike and they’ll be perfect. Anything more might overstep their abilities to wick and pad your stride. At £15 they’re expensive compared to a Bridgedale, but you’re paying a little margin for German quality, a classy brand and a website with beautiful pictures of naked models on it.

More info, and pretty pictures: FALKE