Falke – TK5 Invisible Socks

Reviewing socks is one of the hardest jobs in the world (well… give or take) I mean, how much can anyone say about a pair of socks?

So when the great people at GWA asked me to review these FALKE Ergonomic Sport System TK5 Invisible Socks I had to feign my interest in the commission.

Falke socks

But I shouldn’t have been so hasty…because quite frankly these are (probably) the best socks in the world. They are certainly the best sports socks I have ever worn…so much so that I wear, wash, dry and wear again for all my sporting antics. Running, circuits, bootcamp, hiking, biking and anything that requires short comfy socks.

These socks are ergonomically designed to fit each of your feet correctly and hug them on the instep and toes – which is why they also feature a nifty L for left and R for right printed on them.

But I like to be a bit controversial and I tried swapping them round to see what happens…

notice anything wrong

TBH I didn’t notice much difference, but they are a bit more snug on the correct feet. So, don’t do as I did…just follow the instructions as to which foot to place which sock on.

They are called invisible, although technically that’s of course a bit of a marketing fib. Only an Emperor would be silly enough to think that clothes can actually be invisible – pah! But they are very low cut so you can’t see them when you have them inside trainers or boots. If this is important for you – then this is of course a good feature.

As my FALKE Ergonomic Sport System TK5 Invisible Socks are yellow and my trainers are pink, it’s probably good you can’t see them – pink and yellow aren’t the best colour combo.


Right, what else can I tell you?

Well these socks have no seams so they don’t rub, they wick sweat, they don’t smell, they have stood up to frequent wear and washing (I estimate I have worn and washed at least 50 times and they look as good as new.)

Also, you don’t know you’re wearing them as they are so soft (another reason to call them invisible I guess you clever marketing people!)


I really rate these socks. They keep my feet comfortable, dry, safe, protected and rub-spot-free no matter what activity I undertake in them. And I have to say they are my preferred choice every time I look for a pair of socks to wear.

Please can I have some more GWA? I LOVE THESE SOCKS.

5-hammersPrice: £13 (RRP)

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