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I’ve just spent an interesting 5 minutes Googling “Falke” and “slippers” and was starting to wonder why I was getting zero response. It seems that the lovely German folks over at Falke view these little booties as more than justslippers and thus the moniker CosyShoe.

Cosy, or what!?

Do you remember those Totes Toasties slipper socks that were all the rage in the late 90’s? (Well, I seemed to get them every year in my stocking). These CosyShoes are a bit like their big steroid-addicted brother.

As you would imagine from a German brand they are uber engineered and precision made, and look great.
Slipping them on your foot immediately feels incased in something snuggly yet sturdy.

The sole is a cross-hatch of rubberised pads that mean that there is zero sliding about – perfect if you live in a house with wooden/laminated or tiled floors. The rubberised bits are attached to a sturdy felt like material which means they will last a great deal longer than the aformentioned 90’s socks. I’ve had mine on test for nearly 3 months now and despite daily wear, including the odd gumming by SamTheDog (why do dogs chew slippers?), they look as good as new. An additional design touch which impressed me is that the felted area goes up over the toes offering a bit of additional protection to ones delicate tootsies.

The sole is sturdy enough that it has survived the odd dash into the garden to deposit rubbish in the bin – but only in the dry. Any sign of moisture and they get wet due to the materials used – i’ve been caught out a couple of times and it isn’t pleasant!

The upper is a merino woollen sock which has a lovely fleecy finish on the inside that feels great against bare feet. Being merino they are super warm and as someone who has perpetually cold feet I have actually broken a sweat in these!

The CosyShoes are enginered to fit a left or right foot so trying to put them on half asleep can lead to some confusion!

Being a size 5 they sent me the 37-38 (4/5) size to test and these are coming up as an exact fit (being felt/wool there is a natural give in the fit). I prefer a bit of roominess so would probably take a gamble on getting the 39/40 if I were purchasing. This might cause roll/movement which wouldn’t be ideal in a fully tiles/wood floored house but it’s just a personal preference.

Price wise they are competitve with other bootie style slippers being offered in high street stores and due to the fact they are so well made I think they are well worth the pennies.

SUMMARY: The merino wool and felt construction is excellent and warm in these crossovers between socks and slippers. They’re very comfortable, grippy and priced about perfectly. A firm favourite for cold-footed ladies this winter.

 Price: £20
 More: Falke 

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