Extremities – Polartec Power Dry Gloves

“Here, have a useful carabiner” it says on the Extremities packaging, which is awfully nice of them isn’t it?
And after that cheery introduction, who could resist choosing the Extremities Polartec Power Dry gloves over their competition.
Extremities is a sister-brand to the technically innovation Terra-Nova, a UK tent manufacturer who isn’t afraid to experiment with some of the most advanced materials they can find. And the same guys have designed the Extremities range, using materials from Gore and Polartec where they’re needed most.

The Polartec Power Dry gloves are a simple proposition, so I’m keeping this review pretty short.
They’re a thin, single skin glove designed to take the edge off the cold in activities like running and climbing, or for use under thicker gloves when motorbiking (why we bought a pair) or hiking. Look elsewhere for bells and whistles…

The Polartec Power Dry material is neat though. It’s designed to be close-fitting to the hands and whilst offering a little insulation from the cold, it’s primary claim is to be able to wick away any sweat and spread it across its surface so that it evaporates away quickly (twice as quickly as cotton), which is impressive. This has to be a good thing, especially when used as a base-layer since it will help you retain warmth which otherwise would be used to evaporate that sweat.

The gloves are sewn in a very low profile (no raised seams) and have a slightly thicker cuff to which holds them on comfortably but not constrictively.

Slightly annoying labels

The only downside is a bit of a picky one – the Polartec label which is sewn into the wrist seam is a bit scratchy and annoying. Note to Extremities; perhaps move this to the cuff?

SUMMARY: They’re thin gloves so I’m not going to get too excited, but they do what they’re meant to and add a bit of warmth and wick away sweat. What more do you want? Oh, you want a free carabiner… well, they give you one of those too. Lovely.

Price: £15
From: Terra-Nova

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  • Vix

    Ok – how did you find the warmth under winter bike gloves? If they're any good I'll buy a pair.

  • [email protected]

    Vix – in the grand scheme of things, getting your hands out of the wind is the best thing for warmth (muffs), and then heated grips, and then insulated gloves.
    So, if you're down to the gloves option then adding a layer will help. However, you don't want to make your gloves too tight (this'll cool your hands by compressing any insulation and air pockets). IF you have a little room inside your gloves, then these are worth a try. I'd suggest taking your bike gloves to a retailer (field and trek and trying a pair for size.


  • Vix

    Project muff is going to happen this week. Until then I need my fingers to not drop off, and the silk liners aren't quite doing it.

    Cheers for the link 🙂