Eureka! – Sphinx 3 Plus

Eureka is a Dutch brand of high-quality tents which are available in the UK. Their Sphinx 3 Plus tent caught our eye because of some really neat attention-t0-detail features.

eureka sphinx storage

The one shown above, in particular, we liked a lot. There’s a space (we call it a gutter) in between the inner tent and the flysheet which is big enough for proper storage of small bags, clothes, torches, shoes etc. so that they’re not in your face as you sleep. The triangular tensioners ensure that the flysheet doesn’t sag on to your gear and thus keeps it nice and dry.

You can also see that there’s a nice big door for letting in cool air. And should you peer inside from that end, you get to realise that the tent is pretty Tardis-like inside, with a big, wide central section that sleeps 3, and a large porch for more gear storage.

eureka sphinx2

Eureka have clearly designed this to be a tent where you get maximum accessibility and ventilation, with plenty of doors, and some windows so that if it is bucketing down you can sit inside and watch the rain whilst you munch on your Pot Noodle.

eureka sphinx details