Ellis Brigham launch the Outsiders Collection

Stepping into an outdoor store can be a bit bewildering with all the technical jargon, two or three seasons being thrust upon you and discussions on soft-shell versus hardshell – not to mention all those super-athletic types wandering past. It can all get seriously intimidating  when all you want is some decent,  nice looking kit to get you outside once in a while.

Well the folk over at Ellis Brigham have launched The Outsiders collection to take some of the scary away and help with the kit decisions.

Clockwise from top leD: Burton Shroom Hammock : Burton Shroom Sleeping Bag : Tinder on a Rope : HydroFlasks (keep drinks ice cold for 24 hours or hot for 8 hours) : Grandpa’s Fire Fork : Fjallraven Foldsack No. 1 : Helinox Table with cup holders : Helinox Ground Chair : Primus Onja (easy to carry, oak chopping board) : Nordisk AlTeim Tepee Tent
Clockwise from top left: Burton Shroom Hammock & Sleeping Bag, Tinder on a Rope, HydroFlasks, Grandpa’s Fire Fork, Fjallraven Foldsack No. 1, Helinox Table with cup
holders, Helinox Ground Chair, Primus Onja Stove & Nordisk AlTeim Tepee Tent

Ellis Brigham say that from urban exploration to wilderness escapes, The Outsiders Collection will inspire your adventures, big and small, far and wide.  The equipment line-up certainly includes everything you’ll need from backpacks, camping gear and campfire accessories; all  essential tools for crafting your next trip to the back of beyond.

So who is an Outsider?

generation of young people who love being in the great outdoors; from hillside and forest to lakeside and coastline, but they don’t necessarily identify with the concept of being a hill walker, a climber, a mountain biker or a surfer. To them it’s all about the road trip, the escape from the city, from work or college. The shared experience of being outside – with good times and camp fire vibes.

You can see more of the Outsiders collection at Ellis Brigham