Eider – Power Pro Jacket with Polartec Power Shield Pro

Looks a damn site better in white!

It’s see-your-breath cold and windy and I’ve just been for a walk in shorts and a very thin T-shirt in order to test out the stunningly gorgeous Eider Power Pro jacket. My toes are numb, my nose is running and 15 minutes ago you could have hung things off my nipples. 14 minutes ago I put on the jacket, and 10 minutes ago I was no longer cold.

I was asked to say a few nice things about Polartec, but here at GearWeAre.com we like to do hands-on tests, so the kindly bods at Polartec UK sent me the Eider jacket for a couple of days and I’m hoping they might forget I’ve got it, because it’s the best built jacket I’ve seen in ages.

It’s not cheap – I’ll say that straight off. It’s £295. But for that you get a lot of jacket.

The aforementioned Polartec fabric is what gives the jacket its warmth. Their impressively named Power Shield Pro fabric is a force to be reckoned with; blocking 99% of wind, offering some water resistance (think snow use and light rain) and having an inner surface which is like the pelt of a baby polar bear.

It feels as expensive as it is. It’s a softshell jacket (see Gear Glossary for definitions) which means it’s not plasticcy or noisy, and all the seams are taped so rain won’t seep through them.

Generous side pockets lined with more soft material keep your hands warm, and an arm-pocket is useful for storing phones, cards etc. Exquisite, subtle design touches to the velcroed cuffs, waterproof zippers and drawstring hood are matched by some neat contemporary ideas. My favourite hidden feature is a rubberised flap underneath the main zipper so that should rain get in through the teeth, it runs down and away from you.

However, technical prowess and fancy materials aside, it’s still a jacket and its job is to make the wearer feel good about wearing it – and make other people want to buy it. And if my wife’s reaction upon coming home is anything to go by, it works on that front. For the first time ever she said without knowing anything about it “That’s awesome. Can I have it?”

Polartec UK has a Facebook site and is regularly holding competitions to win jackets and other Polartec gear.
If you have a Facebook account, go and ‘like’ their page so you can join in.

SUMMARY: The Eider jacket is warm, comfy, cosy, waterproof and windproof. It’s a beautifully designed jacket and has a load of great features. The Polartec fabric is superb and feels expensive and exotic and really makes the jwacket. It is expensive, so some users might be priced out of the market – but if you’re a buy-once, buy-smart kind of person, this jacket would be a great investment.

Price: £295
More Info: Polartec UK Facebook Site

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