Edelrid – Ripley Climbing Pants

First note: these are trousers, not pants (as a Brit). Just to avoid confusion. I think you can wear any pants you like to climb.

Second note: these trousers are quite strange.

I’m not sure whether they’re supposed to be indoor or outdoor climbing trews. They’re described as ‘women’s loose-fit climbing and bouldering pants made of robust, rip-stop cotton’.



They are certainly robust, as I’ve given them some abuse in the months I’ve owned them. They’re certainly comfortable, and they’re loose enough to give plenty of movement (I can do the splits in them, they’re that roomy – without being too baggy).

The fabric feels odd; a little bit space age, a little bit shell suit (remember those 80s horrors?), but not unpleasant. So, onto the features:

‘Stretch fabric at hips for perfect fit and optimal freedom of movement’ – check! Yes, these have plenty of room at the hip, which is really important for climbing because you’ve often got your foot in a strange position – like above your head – to get at a tricky foothold.

‘Gusseted crotch for step high movement’ – ditto. Plenty of high-kicking space in these trews.


‘Laminated side pocket and 2 front pockets’ – check. The two front pockets are useful, but I wouldn’t put anything in there you wouldn’t want to fall out. The side pocket has a zip, so you can just about fit a phone in there and keep it vaguely safe. Although, there’s no padding so I’d be wary about crashing into the wall with something valuable and fragile in there.

‘Double hook and loop and zip closure’ – check. No danger of your trousers falling down here. Nice and secure at the top.

‘Stretch cuffs at ankle’ – check. These are comfortable enough, but again, a bit odd if you’re not used to Hammer-style pants. However, for climbing they’re a good idea because you don’t get flappy cuffs getting in the way when you’re placing your feet. They’re only odd to me because I’m used to climbing in leggings or shorts. They’re a useful feature for climbers though.

‘Boulder brush holder – made of Edelrid rope sheath’ – check. I don’t go bouldering and I’ve never used a bouldering brush, so I can’t really comment on this feature except to confirm its presence.

‘Edelrid print on elasticated waist’ – yep. Doesn’t really add anything except an identity, mind. Same with the ‘e’ embroidered on the ankle.

Mine are icemint – a cool, funky blue – and they look pretty good. They’re quite flattering as well, once you get used to the gathered Hammer ankles.

I’ve only climbed indoors with these trews, which is a shame because they just missed us leaving for the airport and I could have taken them to Kalymnos for our annual climbing holiday and given them a really good try-out.

Instead, I took them to my aerial class and put them through their paces on the trapeze and ropes. They’re a bit shiny for that, to be honest – but they certainly stood up to a lot of pulling and sliding, and showed no ill effects.

I’d be interested to see how they stand up to sharp rocks, and will take them climbing outside when the weather improves to test them.


Would I buy a pair?

No, to be honest.

They’re anywhere from £70 to £90, so they’re not cheap (like most climbing gear) and they don’t do anything for me that sturdy leggings don’t do.

I’m not a bouldering enthusiast, so perhaps they really come into their own for bouldering – but for climbing, they’re not really my cup of tea.

Good quality. Well made. Useful pockets. But I’d still rather wear leggings.