Edelrid – Make your own rope mat

With spring just around the corner it’s reaching the time of year when climbers look to replace their worn out ropes with the latest models. Owing to the specialist sheath/core construction of climbing ropes it can be difficult to find proper end-of-life options for recycling them. Keen to minimise the waste from their own range as well as to provide a continued use for old ropes, German brand EDELRID has launched it’s own how-to guide for making your very own rope mat.3x2 EDELRID Rope Mat

Making your own rope mat is a great activity for wet weekends when bad weather stops you going to the crag, and it’s easy to get the kids involved as well. Though obviously we would recommend an adult deals with the nails and the hot knife or lighter required to cut the rope.

The step-by-step guide features a detailed video walkthrough, presented by the lovely Heather, as well as text based instructions, a printable PDF rope mat template and a list of all the materials required. It is recommended that you use a 40m rope, cut into two 20m lengths for ease of weaving and you can use different coloured ropes to enhance your design.

To view full step-by-step instructions please visit the EDELRID website: http://www.edelrid.de/en/SERVICE/Know-How/Ropes/Rope-Mat/