Easy Camp – Hexa Sleeping Mats

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Easy Camp – Hexa Sleeping Mats

Small size makes it good for festival packing

At some point when you’re at a festival you’re going to want to sleep. If you’re one of the 40% of those festival goers who’s enjoyed their own body weight in fruity cider then you’ll probably be happy slumped over a hedge or laying in the never-moving queue for the showers. But for those of you who fancy something simple and soft to lay your weary bones down on, the Easy Camp Hexa Mat could just be the ticket.

Priced at a little over £10 you might be forgiven for thinking that the Hexa is total crap, but you’d be wrong. It is constructed from a PVC-coated fabric which is matt-finished (so you don’t shoot off it every time you roll over) and well welded. It packs down to a very reasonable size, somewhat smaller than a 2L bottle of Coke and weighs in at 820g, which is less than 2 tins of baked beans. It comes in a generously sized drawstring bag and is easy to roll up.

In-built pump is easy to use

The Hexa Mat is more of an airbed than a self-inflating mattress. But it does have a built-in footpump, which is interesting. I’m no big fan of these since they usually take forever to work, but I timed myself inflating the Hexa and it took exactly 2-minutes. Excellent. There is a top-up valve for inflating with your breath.


The design is old-school airbed, with 6 cylindrical chambers of air. This is fine for summer use, but won’t insulate you very well from cold winter ground. You’ll need a good sleeping bag for spring or autumn use, and possibly an insulating mat too.

It's long, purple, and you can blow into it.

The Hexa Mat is 185cm long (6ft) and 45cm wide, so you’ll easily get two into a 2-man tent.

At around a tenner, the Hexa Mat presents a real option for festival or social summer camping where you’re not demanding the highest levels of comfort or insulation. With its built-in pump it will save you some weight (no pump) over a single airbed, but it weighs around the same as a standard self-inflating mattress.

SUMMARY: Easy Camp’s Hexa Mat is cheap, cheerfully coloured, easy and quick to inflate and packs down nice and small for easy carrying. Sleeping on it is comfortable enough for a festival, and providing you take care of it, it should last a while too. It’s not suitable for much other than summer since it’s not insulated in any way.

Price: £10-12
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