Didriksons – Womens Ida Parka

During the winter months I was fortunate enough to test the Didriksons Angelina Parka, and despite my friends’ and family’s best efforts to nab it, it is still hung pride of place on the coat rack. However, it is a tad too warm to wear now that Spring has knocked on the door, but I need fret-not as the postman delivered me a Spring/Summer replacement in the form of the Ida.


As you would imagine she is the little sister in terms of padding and insulation, but despite being child number two she is no hand-me-down in terms of styling and tech.

The first thing I noticed when unpacking the jacket is how soft and silky the Polyamide fabric is to touch, and it is equally comfortable once on your back. (the inner is also Polyamide)  And if these things matter to you – and judging by the reaction (once again!) from my female friends it does, then this jacket looks really stylish and flattering on.

Due to the giraffe genetics in my family I have a unnaturally long back, so I was expecting this not to fit as long on me as I tend to prefer, however I was in for a pleasant surprise as it does come to the bottom of my bum. Normally to get this length of fit I have to resort to buying mens jackets so this is a massive double thumbs up from me.


Despite being a Scandinavian brand some of the styling and finish reminds me of a classic British brand – for example there are 2 good sized pockets on the hips which close with a buttoned flap. The buttonholes and underside of the flap have been finished in a corduroy, as has the hem of the Ida parka. I suspect that this trip down memory lane is also caused by the classic green colour of my test version, however it is available in 5 different colour ways including a particular zingy looking Nectarine colour.


These external pockets are lined in lovely fleece, making them great hand-cosies. Additional storage is provided on the inside with a mesh pocket – big enough for a map. A poppered breast pocket might have once upon a time housed a mobile, but these days will accommodate a set of keys. Lastly hidden under the storm flat is a zippered pocket that will happily house my iPhone 6 with space to spare, and it comes with a handy headphone slot for those of us who like to listen to music on our wanderings.

Other bells and whistles are an adjustable waist, adjustable hem and two way adjustable hood – the toggles on these last two elements are chunky bits of metal rather than naff bits of plastic which a) looks classy and b) fills me with hope that they won’t break rendering them useless. Lastly the hood can be removed by a series of hidden buttons.


In short Ida is a classy, classic looking lady but is she all style and no substance? Well in a series of scientific and classic GWA non-scientific tests we found out…

Firstly she has been out in all manner of deluge and blustery weather. I know I mentioned at the beginning of this review that Spring has knocked on the door – well seems she was only cherry-knocking as the past few weeks here at GWA HQ we have had some impressively wintery conditions and Ida has stood her ground, leaving me dry and cosy with her watching my back.

I’ve noticed that the hood is not as big as some of the jackets I own, but once you adjust the various toggles it stays put, and is more than adequate and being a bit smaller it doesn’t restrict my peripheral view. Useful, if like me, your dog walks take you down country lanes and you have to keep your eyes peeled for hard working farmers nipping about on their tractors.

A second less scientific test was using her as an impromptu picnic mat – I was sure that forcing that much moisture into the shell with the application of my posterior would cause a leak. Nope.

And finally she was nabbed by my mother for a ‘Blacklight’ fun run where she had coloured powder thrown at her and a sweaty body inside her. She scored a big tick for being breathable and comfortable during the 10k course, and for keeping mum cosy once the the activity had stopped.

A wash was needed post race and I was pleased with how easily she cleaned up and how waterproof she has remained after a spin around the washing machine. The Didriksons site say’s that The Ida has a dryness level of 8;  meaning 8000mm of water resistance. However this is reduced after 3 washes to 5, so I shall be restricting my mothers fun running!

5-hammers Price: £150 (RRP)
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