Didriksons Hamres Kid’s Jacket


I have nothing but praise for the Didriksons brand, based on my own experiences of their technical kit for kids.

My daughter has had new Didriksons waterproof gear every year since she was born (spoilt!) – and it’s exceptionally high quality, and absolutely functional. Therefore, when I was asked to review the latest Didriksons jacket, I was more than happy to oblige.


I’ve not been disappointed, and have had this on test now for over 3 months in extremes of wet and cold weather. This Hamres Kids Jacket is specifically a wind and waterproof jacket, it’s not a thick, warm winter cost – so do be aware of that and consider the fact you’ll need to layer your child up to keep them warm in very low temperatures.  This may affect the size you choose if you opt to purchase this coat.  Having said that, the funkiest thing about this jacket is that it is what they call “extend size”

Didriksons Hamres Back View


The manufacturer describes this fabulous and unique feature thusly: “Extend size: this garment is constructed to increase its size if needed.  There is a seam inside the garment that can be unstitched.  When seam is unstitched, arms will increase their length by one size.  With this function the garment can grow with your child.”

In an age when most clothing is made to be disposable, and you have to be careful with it so it doesn’t fall apart before you can get any wear out of it, the lovely people are Didriksons dare to be different! They have made a jacket that will last longer than one season because I can make it bigger as my daughter grows!  Genius…what’s more, because it’s made so well, it won’t wear out!

It’s also a nice thing to do for the environment – rather than churning out cheap and tatty, disposable kit at a real cost to the world we live in, here Didriksons are making quality kit that lasts and lasts and works and works.


As for the functionality of the jacket – as stated it is wind and waterproof…and it works. Didriksons do exceptionally high-quality kit – this Hamres jacket is part of their STORMsystem, which means that via a combination of a water-repellent shell, a waterproof coating and a warm lining, the wearer of the jacket stays completely dry, and therefore warm!

The hood is perhaps the most awesome hood ever – anyone who’s ever read my reviews knows I have a thing about hoods!  And like me, my daughter wears her hair up (no nits in this household!!) so she has to have a decent sized hood to go over her pony tail AND cover her head fully.

As you can hopefully see from the pictures, the Hamres jacket’s hood is adjustable and MASSIVE, covering the biggest of heads or hair styles!

The jacket is stylish, has loads of little bits you can adjust for comfort/size, and features decent sized chest pockets for gloves, tissues, sweets and random objects that just HAVE to be taken out when we go walking…like a doll’s bottle for example, or a rabbit in a dress, an old conker – you get my drift…


Finally, this jacket washes like a dream and dries very quickly – I don’t like washing waterproof coats because that usually kills them, no matter how much Nikwax you chuck in with them!  But give a child a waterproof coat on a wet, windy and muddy day, let them out in the mud and you’ll need to wash away the consequential extreme muck.

Amazingly, this jackets has been washed 3 times now, and has remained entirely, completely and utterly intact in terms of its waterproofness!


10 out of 10 to the darlings at Didriksons once again…and nope, I didn’t get paid to write this raving review…they earned the praise based entirely on merit.