DexShell – Peaked Beanie

I’m rather partial to millinery and have quite a range of the old head-toppers in a variety of shapes, sizes & materials. So I was interested to add a waterproof number to my ranks and see how it performed.


First impressions were good. It’s well constructed and the materials are good quality – the exterior is acrylic, and it doesn’t itch like some knitted gear thanks to the fleece lining. This lining also protects against the wind, and helps keep you warm.

I like the addition of the peak – it makes the humble beanie hat more stylish, and in my opinion more flattering.

Fashionista wafflings aside that peak is also a rather practical element when out and about in high winds, rain etc as it helps to protect ones mush whilst still allowing you to see. (Have you ever got a hail stone in your eye – I don’t recommend it as a must-have outdoors experience, it hurts. A LOT)


However it is worth mentioning that the peak was a bit stiff against my forehead to start with and not terribly comfortable for the first 3/4 outings, but if you like the look of this hat then do persevere as it soon softens and now I don’t notice it at all.

So onto the ‘magic’ of the waterproofness! Like all good magic tricks, the execution is pretty simple – the construction consists of that aforementioned water repellent acrylic outer, the soft and snuggly fleece inner and sandwiched between the two is the magic – a Porelle membrane which has, in the 4 months or so I’ve had it on test, protected me from rain, hail and snow and done so admirably.


I did wonder if the hat would be a bit sweaty, but that membrane is both waterproof and breathable – a claim I must confess to being a bit dubious about, but kudos to DexShell – it works!

The hat has been worn a great deal, and therefore stuffed into packs, pockets and so on and it’s still looking as good as new.

So if you’ve read this far, you won’t be surprised to hear it’s a big thumbs up from me!

5-hammers Price: £22.95
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