DesignGo Aquafan

DesignGo Aquafan
DesignGo Aquafan. Open.
I’m not very good with heat. So in the blistering dry heat of English summer a couple of years ago (it does happen occasionally) when a random and mildly drunk bloke appeared out of nowhere at a festival and sprayed me with a weird water/fan combination I was awestruck. I had no idea such things existed.

His was a big bottle-type affair, but a bit of research back home led me to the DesignGo’s more compact Aqua Fan. It’s the size and weight of an egg, so perfect for carrying with you while travelling, hiking or out and about. The blades clip down to the body when not in use, and it runs on a solitary Double A battery. To use it you simply fill it with water and when you’re in need of a cool down you switch on the fan and squirt the water through it, giving a brilliant cool mist when you need it most. Well, technically what you need most is an ice cold drink and a seat in the shade, but it’s a good stop gap.

DesignGo Aquafan
DesignGo Aquafan. Closed.

The quality isn’t outstanding, but I’ve seen a lot worse, the battery is a very tight fit – which is fine ’til it needs changing, but its price is aimed firmly at the cheap and cheerful market so what more do you expect? I’m on my second one in six-ish years (the first one died due to a dodgy battery), and they’ve both been very well travelled. I don’t go anywhere hot without mine.

Summary: Cheap, cheerful, brilliant. A few quid for a travel must-have and a useful stocking-filler come Christmas.

Price: From £5.98
From: Amazon