Darn Tough – Micro Crew Cushioned Sock

The humble sock, we can’t live without them but somehow they seem to get overlooked when people list their ‘must-have’ outdoor gear, the kit they just can’t live without. But wear a rubbish sock when out on a hike and you soon know about it and it can ruin your day.

I used to be in the ‘any old pair will do’ camp until the nice folk at GWA let me loose with gear and now I am a big advocate for the humble sock, they jostle for top spot on my ‘must-have’ gear list. The other is a decent coat, but I mustn’t digress…

So it will come as no surprise that during the 2014 GWA awards judging I was the slightly loud overbearing one when it came to judging the socks…demanding that my fellow judges sit-up, leave the gadgets alone and pay attention.

Darn Tough micro crewWell the outcome of that judging was that these colourful offerings from Darn Tough were given a GWA award.  The reason being that alongside being a rather good looking foot recepticle, turn them inside out and you get a glimpse of the neatest-made sock we here at GWA HQ have seen in quite a while. No loose threads, no straggly bits and no lumps.

Now this isn’t just ooh don’t they look nice moment. As a result of such perfect construction, (a result of incredibly fine gauge knitting) they are very, very comfy. There is nothing flapping about that can rub and give you blisters.

darn tough

Long term testing has shown the socks don’t slip or move – even when worn with wellies, and the tension has remained as good as the first day I removed them from the packet 6 months ago, and turn them inside out and that stitching is a good as new. Not even any sign or wear or rubbing on the heel. That’s impressive.

They are made from Merino wool, meaning that they are naturally antimicrobial so it repels bacteria and stops your feet from smelling. Ideal if you are on an overnighter and want to pack light – you could get a couple of days wear without upsetting your fellow hikers.

I love the colour and pattern of my test versions, and a glimpse at the Darn Tough website reveals they are not afraid to use colour (hurrah!) The blurb about these socks describes them as having ” just the right amount of sass and toughness”..I agree with this statement whole heartedly!

If you still need convincing of just how good these socks are then let me draw your attention to the lifetime guarantee – Darn Tough will replace your socks if you ever wear them out. That’s awesome.

5-hammers Price: £15.90
More: Darn Tough / To order in UK call: 01404 821811