Darn Tough – Boot Sock Cushion

We all dream of finding socks that behave, are comfortable, in the right colour, and priced so you can put them on your wish list, and be genuinely excited when you open a present of ‘a pair of socks’. These are those socks.

So why can these socks show off with my complete approval, and enthusiasm?

darn tough cushioned sock

Let us walk through these ‘cushioned’ feet snugglers. They are made in the company’s own factory and I positively agree with the marketing blurb that means ‘someone who gives a damn’ is keeping an eye on the material and the craftsmanship. It is apparent. The detail in the construction means that they are created not just for fit but also for performance, so a long hike means you and your feet are still talking at the end of the journey. They are also guaranteed for life, so if you wear them out you can send them back, no questions asked.

With a high density knit, they give more stitches per inch. They have a structured toe box, a shaped heel, elastic in the arch and ribbed ankle support and top. This combination means they are hard-wearing and comfy – without being bulky, and also help you to avoid blisters.

The socks are crafted in this way to help prevent ‘falling down sock syndrome’ (I call it that, they don’t). You know there is nothing worse than walking around with socks that misbehave. It’s like having a dog that doesn’t come when you call it. Stressful, irritating, deflating, but the sort of thing you forget when you get home, and the socks and dog are in their respective laundry/sleep baskets – yet remember when you are back outside again half way into your walk.

In the longer term test, these socks behaved extremely well. I wore them for a few weeks and they didn’t smell (that’s the anti bacterial nature of the merino wool), they did not bobble. I wore them both with walking boots and wellies and they stayed in place in both. I have delicate feet that rub easily, and moan all the time about not being able to find the right socks for my boots or wellies and no blisters. In fact the cushioning pads made these socks so comfy I wore them at home as slippers. These socks were even a lovely mauve/green colour. We have become very attached to each other.

darn tough cushioned 2

The testimonials called ‘we couldn’t make this up’ on their website are also well worth a read. Frankly, anyone who has walked up a mountain in a blizzard over a month and got a small hole in their socks can have a new pair, even though many people on the page were just writing to say how much their enjoyed their sock relationship and were happy to pay for a new pair.

Put these socks on your wish list. They are outstanding. Not only for cushiony-comfort, but for the company who makes them who have got their marketing spot on, and for them being in all the right colours, with clear sizing and affordable price points, and for the cherry on the top lifetime guarantee.

5-hammersPrice: £18.99

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