Cyba-Lite Sprint – Headtorch

I don’t like headtorches. They make me feel geeky. I don’t want to be seen in public with a whacking great spotlight strapped to my tiny pea-sized head.
Having said that, they are really, really useful when it comes to putting a tent up in the dark, walking across a field in the dark with your hands full, going to dingy campsite toilets in the dark, etc, etc, etc. In the dark.

So having come to the conclusion that I should bite the bullet and get a decent one, I commenced a search for a nice little one – which is far easier said than done. Surveying the ranks of head torches in a variety of camping shops didn’t help me in my search, so in desperation I turned to the internet. This is where I found the Cyba-Lite Sprint Headlight. I already have a Cyba-lite Auro LED torch, which I love, so I impulse-bought the Sprint as soon as I saw it.


Weighing just 25 grams (that’s about the same as a single slice of bread) this little torch’s single LED is bright enough to temporarily blind a moose at 60 paces, is billed as ideal for running and hiking, sports a 90 degree tilt function for pavement spotting, and claims a burn time up to 100,000 hours. Impressive from something the size of a gobstopper.

The trade-off for getting something so small and lightweight is that there’s no room here for a triple A battery – the Sprint uses two 3v lithium batteries (think big watch batteries), so not something that’s quite so easy to find when you’re somewhere remote with only a Spar for company. Nevertheless the on/off function is the only real flaw – you turn the casing in one direction to turn it on, and the other direction to turn it off and open the casing to reveal the batteries – there’s no positive off position though, so you just have to hope you haven’t gone too far and the case doesn’t fall apart… scattering headtorch parts and batteries to the four winds.

Summary: Small, lightweight and giving a decent bright light, I really like the Sprint. If it just clicked into a central ‘off’ position, this would be an easy five hammer review.

Price: £6.39
More info:
There’s actually nothing more to add that isn’t already here!

  • sue michniewicz

    very timely… needed something so I stop losing my contacts when camping, so i have ordered one … you lot are costing me a fortune!