Cyba-Lite Auro – LED Flashlight

It’s really hard to type this review because all I can see is a little black circle in the centre of my vision.
You see, being a bloke, and being a bit of a gear junkie I always take things apart to investigate them in the name of a thorough review, and the Cyba-Lite Auro is such a great feeling, chunky and fantastically bright little light that I thought no harm could come from removing the lens, peering at the LED and turning it on.

Now, a few minutes later I can just about make out what I’m typing if I look slightly to the side of each letter like some 1980’s spellchecker not quite keeping pace with the input.

Let me tell you that this little flashlight is a pleasure to be blinded by. The manufacturers state that the LED they use is 7x brighter than a standard LED (and a couple of retailers seem to have rounded that up to 10x, which is generous of them). If you like statistics, it’s a 0.5w Nichia LED, which is the same as those used in bright headtorches and cycle lights by brands like LED Lenser, Varta and Gelert. It casts a slightly blue-white light which isn’t the easiest on the eye for extended periods of use, but is more than adequate for camping, walking in the dark and keeping as part of a toolkit for dark crevaces of engine-bays.

Wriststrap included

The body of the Auro is made from Aluminium and feels really chunky, weighty and well-made. It’s sculpted into grippy ridges which are easy to hold and comfortable, and it’s not too bad in the cold because of the reduced surface area.

The on/off button is a large rubber affair which is easy to click on, or just press down to temporarily illuminate things. And the single AA battery (a standard Duracell) will give around 6 hours of continuous light at constant brightness. As you’d hope, the battery compartment (and lens) are sealed by a rubber o-ring, which makes the Auro rainproof.

The all-plastic lens of the Auro is designed as a collimator (which I had to look up the meaning of). In essence, what it does is focus the LED’s light in two ways;
– The centre section of the lens has a thin, convex lens which focusses a bright spot at the centre of the beam
– The outer section of the lens is thicker and lens convex, and serves to make a fairly broad, less bright beam.
What you get is a highly usable spread of light, brightest in the middle and gradually dropping off.
At 6ft, the bright beam is about 8 inches wide, and the diffuse beam is 2ft wide, or thereabouts.

The Auro is supplied with a wrist-strap and a belt pouch.

SUMMARY: I’m really fond of the the Auro. It’s a small, rugged and well-made light which is the perfect size for a pocket or pouch, car or camping. The light is really bright, but in a usable spread and with around 6 hours from a single AA battery it isn’t too bad on economy. The inclusion of a wrist-strap and holster are great bonuses. I haven’t found a downside yet.

Price: £13.59 (inc delivery)
From: Amazon

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  • Joe

    I've had one of these for a couple of years. I seem to recall buying it from 'Go outdoors' for about £15. It's been used as a main torch for camping, and for occasional uses such as getting coal from the garage, unexpected caving trips, stumbling around in woods, and on one memorable evening, removing and replacing brake callipers from a motorcycle while clenched between my teeth. It's a great torch, and it's small enough to live in a jacket pocket, so it's always there when you need it. Mine is a bit scuffed and battered now, but it shows no sign of giving up. Five stars.

  • [email protected]

    Thanks Joe. 🙂