Cushe – Getaway Shoes

After a long day’s work, there are fewer pleasures than to flop down on to a nice comfy sofa with a cold beer and a handful of dry-roasted peanuts within reach. And now I’ve reached an age where, when I do that flop, I let out an involuntary sigh of complete contentment and comfort. The Cushe Getaway shoes/slippers provide that exact same feeling for your feet after a day in heavier boots, and I’ve found myself making that same, contented, middle-aged noise when I’ve thrown off my boots and socks and slipped them on.


They’re a sort of hybrid between a slipper and a shoe, with a super-soft EVA foam sole that, whilst it can be worn outdoors, isn’t designed for trail use since sharp things will go straight through it. I’ve been wearing them for campsite, hot-weather and apres-hike use for the last couple of months and they have been great for that. I wore them once on a short off-road hike and they left my feet feeling vulnerable and slightly abused, so I think it’s safe to say that they’re happiest in undemanding terrains.

That sole is coupled with a squishy, memory-foam type insole which moulds itself to the shape of your feet after a couple of wears, and means that these shoes fit like the proverbial glove.

The mesh upper keeps things from getting too hot, but these aren’t quite as breathable as their image might portray. I have found myself getting pretty sweaty and slippery in them in very hot weather.

The lacing system is simple, and comes with a choice of orange or grey (in the above colourway – the Getaway is available in LOTS of colours). I chose the lairy orange laces because I lack any sense of self-control and I quite like the colour orange. Handily enough, the laces in a different pair of shoes snapped last week, so I was able to employ the spare grey ones perfectly. That was handy!

The heel cup of the Getaway can be trodden down so the shoes can be worn as a slip-on. Personally I hate that feeling of having a lump under my heel and a deformed heel-cup, so I’ve avoided that option. The Wife, however, has stolen the Getaways as emergency garden shoes a couple of times and used them as slip ons – the deformation seems to wear out pretty quickly and my sulking got the message across to her.

So, what we have here is something more adaptable than a slipper, but less robust than a trail shoe. It sits in an area with a couple of other similar offerings of apres-activity shoe, and it’s certainly a market which I ‘get‘. The Getaway seeks to give you a super-comfy way of strapping a very soft sole to your foot to give you that sofa-so-good feeling, and for that purpose they work really well.