Craghoppers – Marala Microfleece with MP3 Pocket

MP3 Pocket on the sleeve

Ah, the uplifting sound of early-morning birdsong or the wind rustling autumnal leaves; as much a part of the outdoors experience as fresh air and drizzle.

Well, that’s like so last century man… what you need in the great outdoors is an equally great playlist on your iPod and a special pocket to put it in.

So thank the lord for companies like Craghoppers who’ve stuck a nice little MP3 pocket on the arm of their microfleece so you can say “Sod off Nature! I’ve got The Prodigy for my morning run”.

Pretty detailing, just girly enough to bear

The Marala Microfleece is one of those simple garments which doesn’t need too many bells and whistles. What it does need, and does have, is a good fit to keep the fleece near the skin and trap that layer of warm air inside. It’s cut in a fairly contemporary wraparound style, which means it’s really quite nicely ‘woman-shaped’ around the waist and bust.

Craghoppers have resisted going all-out girly (much to the relief of most of the girls we spoke to about their loathing all all things powder-pink), but included some eye-catching stitching detailing on the sleeve and flanks which add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the Marala.

You don’t get any fancy features like adjustable cuffs or waist, but you do get a simple half-zip and the aforementioned MP3 pocket.

SUMMARY: A nice, simple, very well-fitting microfleece which would serve as a great mid-layer on a cold day, or as an outer for running/cycling. The addition of an MP3 pocket is fairly useful (could be used for a phone, money etc.) and the pretty stitch detailing lifts this beyond the drab. The price is nice and low and this would be a good investment.

Price: £14
From: Craghoppers

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