Craghoppers – Kiwi Trousers

Whenever I travel I always end up packing at least twice as many tops as trousers, so it’s really no surprise that I get through the latter twice as fast. I own very few pairs of trousers without holes in the knees, rips at the ankles or some sort of oil stain on them so when I do buy them, I look for a pair that will work in as many situations as possible.

So thank the gods for Craghoppers and their Kiwi range of trousers.

This review is of the standard trousers, but they also sell zip-off (trousers/shorts), stretch activity trousers and lined winter trousers under the same name with a similar design.

Craghoppers is part of the very large UK-based Regatta group (Craghoppers, Dare2Be, Regatta and Hawkshead) which specialises in dependable, staple travel gear.

The Kiwi trousers are a perfect mix of styling. Not too smart and not too casual. Happy in a restaurant, on a beach or up a mountain and never really out of place.

Made from a poly-cotton and treated with some clever Nano-technology coating, they shed rain-water (and spilled beer) like waterproof trousers, which is very weird since they feel like ‘normal’ material which you’d imagine would soak water up. Spooky.

I love a pair of trousers with loads of pockets – I secretly enjoy the 30 second long hunt for my mobile phone when it rings – and the Kiwi’s don’t disappoint. They have normal, and zipped hip-pockets, zipped rear pockets and a leg/cargo pocket which is sized to take an OS map. Clever.

Neat touches include heel tape (webbing reinforcement on the rear at the ankles so it won’t fray or rip), a double-layer at the knee and backside and a strong webbing belt included.

They’re very comfy, soft and whilst being a relaxed fit, they’re not too loose.

If I was going travelling, I’d get a couple of pairs of these as my everyday trousers.

SUMMARY: Trousers are, certainly in my wardrobe, the most overlooked but harshest treated garment, so it’s nice to find a cheap pair with so many nice features. They come in mens and womens, and a variety of styles and colours. Well worth a look.


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    PS. Craghoppers have a sale on at the moment and 33% off some of the Kiwi range.

    • Ian Hadley

      Have got a pair of these, purchased from tk max, bargain price of £8!! Have to admit, these are far superior in quality and comfort compared to more expensive trousers I have had in the past. Great purchase!

  • Jude

    Good pants. I travel a lot and these are my standard wear. Pockets useful. Fabric tough enough to keep off prickly stuff. Look decent enough off the fell. A good all-rounder at an affordable price.

  • I love the Craghopper Kiwi trousers. Having zipped security pockets on both sides is very handy. Something my equivalent Berghaus trousers lack. It would be five hammers if only the material felt as soft and comfy as the Berghaus.


    Excellent bit of kit. lightweight, easy to dry and super secure for all your odds and ends. Great for casual wear and going for a hike.

  • Ben

    I’ll be investing in these rather soon me thinks, Crop Walkers and wet knees shouldn’t need to go hand in hand!.
    A chance at winning all that cool gear won’t be bad either.

  • Dave Beermonster

    I’d agree with the reveiw – they’re smart enough to look at to wear in the office and tough enough for the machine shop I run. Having the zip off lower legs means that when you’re touring on the bike you don’t need to pack an extra pair of shorts. Good value for money too.

  • Will

    Survivor Pants: I’m a size 30, after reading reviews, I ordered size 32 – still a size too small! Worse, they refused to reimburse for my cost to return them. So, pants are okay (just), but their size charts suck. So does their customer service.

    • You don’t say who you ordered the pants from Will.

  • Have owned many pairs over the years and still buy them

    They are versatile, loads of pockets, easy care, quick drying.

    Only downside is that they are bigger than their sizing IME and the fit on any in the last 5 years isn’t quite as good as earlier versions – baggier round the waist after being worn a little. I still have some older pairs, for decorating in, and they immediately feel a better fit even though they have been worn/washed over and over.

  • Rob Stewart

    I live in these trousers on a daily basis for work and of the last 6 years and 4 pairs i have only had a single zip fail. No rips, no tears and no holes in pockets despite carrying all kinds of radios, metal clips torches etc. I now use the zip offs for holidays as saves packing shorts and trousers. Go outdoors frequently knock money off the RRP as do TK Maxx and (shudder) Sports Direct