Craghoppers – Kiwi Lined Trousers

Several of my friends absolutely swear by these double-skinned winter walking trousers from Craghoppers, and being a fan of the summer version myself I recently took the plunge and ordered a couple of pairs.

The Kiwis feel like they’re made from a heavy cotton fabric, but in fact they’re a part-synthetic brushed polycotton which means that if and when the drizzle-proof coating on them gives in and they start to soak up water, they will dry out reasonably quickly and not sap as much of your body heat as, say a pair of jeans.

That waterproof coating isn’t a selling point of the Kiwis, but my friends who have owned pairs for a couple of years report that they’re pretty good at holding off a light shower when you get caught outside. Craghoppers are more conservative and describe them as weather-resistant.

The double layer of the Lined Kiwis makes it feel like you’re wearing your PJs under your trousers. It’s a cosy and snug feeling which seals in the warmth even on windy days and despite the temperatures having hovered around 2-3C for the last week of morning’s I haven’t once had chilly legs.

The Kiwi is a relaxed styling, with a loose fit which suits casual walking well. There’s an elasticated waist for those large pub-lunches, and an adjustable webbing belt for when you can’t afford your kecks to fall down.

The Kiwis feature normal hand-pockets and an extra zippered security pocket to stop things falling out when you’re sat or hanging from a harness. There are also zippered backside pockets, and on the right-hand side a large cargo pocket which will fit an OS map. Inside the cargo pocket is an elasticated phone pocket, but I never use those because I’m lazy.

There’s not a lot else to say about the Kiwis really. They’re dependable and reliable, well built trousers which will see you through winter. They are sold at an RRP of £50, but this is Craghoppers so keep an eye out and you’ll probably find them for £15 at a discount outdoor retailer soon enough. I’d happily pay £35 without batting an eyelid, such is their comfort.

SUMMARY: Warm, weather-resistant winter trousers for general activities or mooching at home. They’re solid, which is a compliment, and reliable. Nothing fancy going on, but heck; they’re only trousers. They’re available in Mens and Womens fit.

  • Rev Keith

    I can back up everything Andy says in review. Bought mine last winter after my knees felt frozen walking the dog at 7am. Dug them out last week for a trip to lakes and Scotland. So lovely to put on and comfy to wear. Also the phone pocket inside the map pocket is bigger than on my old summer kiwis and easily takes wife’s iPhone or my Nokia lumia. Do shop around though I paid 25 from amazon but high street was asking 45.