ComplEAT – Foodskin

Have you ever been frustrated by your lunchbox? No? Me either. But, Unikia, the people who created the ComplEAT Foodskin have apparently. So they set out to design and make “beautiful lunch boxes” with “unique functions.” Which all sounds very grand for a sarnie transportation device.


The Foodskin is made up of a solid base and an elastic silicone top, which pushes up when you’ve got something in it. You then seal your lunch inside the skin with 3 latches that clip over the rigid border on the top. All pretty simple.



I was a little concerned that the silicone was quite thin, but it takes quite a lot of stretching. I put a largish apple in, and the Foodskin didn’t seem to mind. Compleat claim that the Foodskin will accommodate two sandwiches or a medium baguette. I managed to fit 3 small cheese and Marmite sandwiches in with no problem. Surprisingly it doesn’t even really crush your sandwiches.


The concept behind this lunchbox is that once you’ve eaten your sandwiches, it goes flat and then doesn’t take up lots of space in your bag. And it does that – it does go flat. You are also okay to put the Foodskin in the dishwasher and microwave if you so desire. The coloured textile cover on the front comes off for when you do want to wash it or want to change the colour to better co-ordinate with your food perhaps?


Personally, I never knew that lunchboxes needed to be revolutionised, and if I’m honest having used the Foodskin I’m still not convinced. Somehow slightly crushed sandwiches always taste better, and I’m not bothered by my empty box taking up space in my bag because I’ve already carried it for half the day.

Price: £19.49
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