Coleman – Magnetic Torch

Apparently Coleman are the world’s biggest manufacturer of LED lights and with a claim like that you’d think they’ve learnt a thing or two about making innovative and useful torches.

coleman magnetic torch

This year they are launching 5 new torches, and all were on display at the recent OTS show. However it was this magnetic version that caught GWA’s eye. I can hear you thinking ‘errr why?’ I appreciate that at first glance this torch really doesn’t look all that wow and oooh. But at closer inspection we were rather taken by it’s implied practicality and usefulness.

The back of the torch features a magnetic cap, nothing particularly ‘out there’ about that, but it is a practical way of attaching the torch to your tent or awning where you want it, without being dictated to by where the manufacturers put the hanging loops etc. The main body of the torch swivels on it’s axis so you can twist and point it to where you want the beam to go.

coleman magnetic torch2

This torch will also be useful for other practical activities such as poking around in your car engine as you can simply stick it to you opened bonnet.

It’s no lightweight at 372grams so for an on foot expedition you’ll probably want to leave it at home, but for car/family camping it’s ideal. It chucks out 60 lumens, which is more then adequate for a tent torch, and the light range is 8 meters suggesting a pretty wide beam. (this wasn’t easy to gauge in a well lit hall) There are three light modes – the usual high, low and also a red/night light mode.

It takes 3xAAA batteries which are supplied with the torch – thank you Coleman for this, it’s a small thing but makes all the difference, there’s nothing worse than getting a shiny new toy home and then realising you can’t use it because you forgot the batteries! Those batteries will last you for a advertised 44 hours. Handily the torch also has a battery indicator so you can check if you need to chuck some spares in before setting off on your latest trip.

This and the rest of the new range will be available in shops from March 2015.

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