Coleman – CPX6 Portable Table Lamp

If Barry White were to go camping, this is the lantern he’d take. Y’see, it throws out a light that is – for want of any other description – sexy.


With its enormous translucent white plastic body and strangely lightweight feel, it doesn’t look like the kind of lamp that could help you woo the camper of your dreams, but I assure you that it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

There’s no fancy tricks up the Portable Table Lamp’s sleeve (it needs a better name, Coleman). Just a single button that switches it on and then gives you two brightness settings.

The first setting is bright enough to light the inside of a tent adequately. You might strain your eyes if you were reading lots of small-print, but it’s certainly bright enough to cook by or attract mossies from far and wide.

But hit that little button again and you’ll get Barry singing. The mood is transformed by a low, warm glow that is more in place in the bar of a hotel, where couples having affairs meet so they won’t be recognised. You can catch the glint in your partner’s eye as you stare over the Lamp (see, it should be called something more fitting like “The Loveglow”) and not be blinded. It’s also been carefully designed to throw out the exact brightness of light needed to hide blemishes, disguise tired eyes and make you look two dress-sizes smaller. Go Barry.

The catchy name CPX6 comes from Coleman’s battery compartment on the bottom of the Loveglow. It is a modular affair that takes 4x D Cells and means that the light will last you a good week of camping. Or, you can pay a little extra and get Coleman’s removable, rechargable battery pack that gets a boost from a car or a wall socket.

Inside the Lamp is an LED bulb which will never need replacing. And its ultrasimple design means that, unless you are a clumsy arse, it’ll be pretty difficult to break.

We like the Portable Table Lamp. We’d like it more if it had a better name. But we like it best for hiding our tired eyes and sunburnt cheeks.

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Price: £29.99