Coleman – Cortes 8 Plus

This big old thing from Coleman’s next-year range features a cool hinged door which we liked. It’s made from a thin tent material, but it has a flexible rib running around its edge that keeps it taut and acting like a door, rather than a flappy thing. And it zips closed when you want to go to bed and keep out beasties.

Coleman cortes 6 door

This particular tent is called the Cortes 8 Plus, and it’s a long, thin chamber which you can sleep 8 comfortable-with-each-other men next to each other, or in more real-world terms 4 people with a bit of personal space.

The porch (with aforementioned door) is big and airy, and could be used to store bags or smelly cheese.

Coleman cortes

The Cortes is part of a range of slightly lower-specced tents from Coleman which are rated at 2000mm Hydrostatic Head and feature the orange material rather than a green material in their slightly higher-specced tents. The effect of the orange material is to create a nice warm glow inside the tent which is appealing for novice campers.