Clarks – MTB Disc Brake Pads

Clarks sintered disc brake pads
Won’t brake the bank

Bicycle disc brakes are a wonderful thing, but in return for battling the relentless forces of gravity they require a little more looking after.  There’s a billion different types of brake pad, so choosing what you need at the right price can occasionally can be a pain. Pads made by the manufacturer of the brakes are often more expensive than those made by others designed to fit. Clarks cater for some well known brands including Hayes, Avid, Hope, Shimano and more.

Sintered brake pad detail

Clarks offer organic and sintered varieties. Heaven knows what the organic are actually made from but the general rule seems to be that organic bite better better but wear out faster in the wet. I’ve worn out organic in two wet winter 30k rides. Sintered contain little bits of metal so don’t wear quite so fast.

Ease of fitting depend on what type of brakes you have. I’ve found the main difference between Avid pads and Clarks pads is that the metal plate on the back of the Clarks is a little thicker. This makes the pads closer to the discs so depending on how much room there is between the calipers. Avid Juicy 3 where easier to fit pads to than Avid Elixir using Clarks. If in doubt, buy them from a local shop if you can and ask them to be fitted. It’s usually a 5min job for those who do it often.

As for stopping, these do a satisfactory job.

SUMMARY: Budget components that do the job. Best advice is to get them fitted if you can. I’ve spent many ‘educational’ hours getting these to work with Hayes and Avid calipers. Find out how quickly the shop fit them, this’ll give you an idea if it’s worth doing yourself next time. Once they’re in… they’re fine.


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  • john graham

    Just replacing OEM shimano pads after 750 miles – considered these on Halfords 3 for 2 deal (needed some mineral oil too so the oil would have been free) but in the end swung towards genuine shimano from LBS @ a tenner a pair. This worked out costing the same for genuine as the clarks so for me a ‘no brainer’… (but, then I had to did find 12 quid for the oil so, not so sure now)!