Cicerone – Moveable Feasts

OK, this is not for those of you who go camping to eat beans and burgers from an instant BBQ. Nor if your camping ‘to do’ includes getting drunk and passing out in your tent, waking up in the morning as dehydrated as a prune gasping for air and a pee.

Rather it covers stuff for serious beginners, improver and expert outdoorsers, and those of you who camp and fit in a triathlon over the weekend, this will be perfect for you. But BEFORE you arrive at site.moveable-feasts-cover

This is your winter friend. Delicious exploration for when you are curled up on the sofa and it’s cold and dark outside, and you are crossing off the days till Spring with X’s on the wall calendar and you can get outside.

Indeed, a snippet from the introduction tells how the book came in to being:
“A large part of the inspiration for this book came from Amy’s sister, Nicola Hayes. It was Nic’s idea to write a recipe book that would inspire campers, in particular youngsters, to try something other than noodles and other just-add-water menus. The scope of the book has grown since then to become our take on how to eat and live well, outside.”

So what’s in the ‘education manual’ ?

The expected: Recipes. So I went straight to that section as you would do, and thought well, OK, I wouldn’t even bother that much at home, perhaps I should just shop for these goods, and inform the open fire gourmets on my arrival at the campsite.

The downright brilliant: Gadget suggestions to look up on line and add to your wish list. I bet you will find yourself going to your ipad, looking up all the cool stuff they suggest (I, for one, need a life straw – FACT).

Ah ha’s: containers (recycled and new), camping accessories especially for cooking, water storage,  and how to pack food for camping. Great ideas for cutting orange juice carton and keeping sandwiches from being squished. Plus what to pick if you fancy a forage.

Possibly not necessary: the nutrition section. People who will like this probably know all about carbs and water and stuff.

The cover and the red ribbon make it quite a posh book. I would have preferred a bigger size, with spaces in margins to write notes, as this book is an education – and a free pack of post-its!

It takes some going over and will sit on your bedside table for ages and keep you thinking – but it’s well worth it, even if you get a few golden nuggets which will make your camping trip more comfy and tastier. A great gift for difficult ‘i do outdoors’ family members, as it will keep them happy for hours.

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 Price: £14.95