Campingaz Twister Plus stove

If you were paying attention during my last review – the Campingaz lantern one – you’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what I thought about the stove ring which was bought alongside it as part of a set.
Not being one to disappoint people (other than Mrs Muz, but that’s always accidental) I have decided not to make you wait for long, so here it is.

  • Diameter roughly similar to that of a coffee mug – inadequate.
  • Totally unstable/top-heavy if you actually put anything on it to heat.
  • Fell apart after 10 years (admittedly) but only half a dozen no-other-option uses. Literally. It fell to pieces and ended up in the bin.

Here endeth my review.

SUMMARY: Crap… honestly.
What I will concede is that the design appears to have changed a tiny bit (there’s some kind of strut on each fin), but I’ll be amazed if that makes much difference to the stability of the whole thing when supporting a pan of boiling water.

Price – £15 – £25+
From – (among many other stockists)
More info –

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  • Pete

    Driving a truck for a living, I use a gaz stove most days to heat water for drinks and also for heating simple food.

    I have owned a Campingaz Twister (with built-in piezo click lighter) for about five years now. It came in a kit with two pans and a handle for under 20 euros. Astonishing value in fact.

    It’s always been reliable and lights first time. Heats a mug of water in just over 2 minutes, not even needing full power setting to do this. The gaz canisters seem to last of ages. I find it quite stable if set up on a flat surface. You can buy cheap fold-up base attachments (not same brand)to give more stability if this aspect worries you, but I find I don’t need them. The pot supports fold back easily for stowage.

    Campingaz Easy-clic canisters are available in most DIY, camping and department stores here in France (but watch out for price variations). Note that this stove is not compatible with UK screw-on canisters.

    Excellent durable product if used with reasonable care and again….at a very good price compared with other “flashier” brands.