Buff – Water 2 Gloves

There are few things less fun in life than having blisters on the palms of your hands. Not only does it render you incapable of doing much useful for a while but it also invites the inevitable lewd jokes from your “friends”!


If you factor in water and repetitive movement from something like paddling then blisters can be an unwelcome friend sooner than you’d like. But these water gloves from Buff eradicate blisters by providing a skin tight, grippy surface that does some of the work for you.

They’re made from a breathable and very stretchy fabric and the palm is coated in a super grippy silicone pattern so that rope or a paddle won’t slip when it’s wet. They’re so thin that they will dry off much quicker than any hiking glove, and they pack down in to a tiny space.

We all know how difficult it is to pull gloves on and off when your hands are cold and wet so these feature a really useful pull section on both the wrists and the finger-ends to make that super easy. The wrist-pull also doubles as a handy loop for clipping the gloves to your pack or belt so they can air-dry.

And, take this from someone who had to suffer an entire summer of amusing sunburn circles on the back of his hands from cycling gloves, the fact that these Buff gloves provide ultimate sun protection (SPF50+) is an excellent feature too

Price: $29.95 US
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