Buff – Thermal Pro neck warmer

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Buff – Thermal Pro neck warmer

Perfect for Eskimos

In past reviews on this magnificent site I’ve told you guys that my gear wardrobe is a tad “lacking” and that I wear my slightly shambolic approach to outdoor gear as a bit of a badge of honour. I am the under-dressed rebel that wears kitten heels in a camping field and jeans to Glastonbury.

However where Buffs are concerned I need to hand that badge back, because I am now the proud owner of 3 of the magic tubes of fabric.

Now, I’ll agree that this is a tad excessive – indeed I would wonder that there could even be 3 different types of Buff –  but seeing as they are sitting in my cupboard I know it to be fact, and now I understand why.

My original Buff was a regular cotton tube – perfect for summer and it doubles marvellously as a helmet hair cover up for when I step off the motorbike and fail miserable at the Farah Fawcett style hair flick.

My second is a thick fluffy schnuggly winter model, made from Polartec fleece and previously reviewed on here. It’s a wonderful feeling to bed your chin down into it on a cold day riding the bike.

So, where the cotton and fleece models cover hot and cold weather respectively, what’s left is a multi-purpose Buff for this variable weather we’re experiencing. One morning it’s cold, grey and wet and then by the afternoon it’s sunny and warm. So, what Buff have released is a good old half and half.

Furry at one end!

I admit that my first thought on seeing the hybrid Buff was to question what the point of it was. It was neither here nor there. Not black nor white and sort of pointless seeing as their are two perfectly good designs available already.

The next morning commute on my motorbike, when it was still a tad chilly for my delicate bones I discovered the reason for the Chimera of the Buff world. You see, the thick all-fleece buff was impossible to properly thrust down my jacket and seal around with the zipper; it was just too thick. The Thermal Pro Buff gets around this problem with its thinner cotton end being a cinch to stuff down your top and leave the fleece part covering your face.

By the end of that day, when Mother Nature has successfully warmed the Earth, it was as easy as pie to just flip it around and use the cotton end to cover my face in a cooler fashion…magic!

Well OK. Maybe not magic, but rather practical and for once I don’t mind being a bit of a gear geek!

Price: £21
From: Pack your Bags