Buff – Polar Buff scarf, hat, necktube, bandana, hood

What’s a Buff?
A tube of material which you can wear as a scarf, hat, hood, bandana…. like this —>

This is a GearWeAre.com guest review by Jodie:

I should probably say straight off that I am already a fan of Buffs. I own a cotton one and it gets worn every time I hop on the motorbike. It’s great for keeping the wind off your cheeks (we girls hate dry skin) and stops a draft from running down your neck. For a simple tube of fabric it’s remarkably effective and one of those inventions where you wonder why you didn’t think of it!

This Polar Buff tube has an orange Polartec microfleece on the inside and a soft polyester outer layer branded up with the buff name.
I’m not one for instructions but I vaguely recall from the packaging that you can wear it as I do as a muffler or you can fashion it into all sorts of head gear. The closest I’ve ever got to this is as a head band to hide my helmet-hairdo. The hair and the buff worn as head band both looked equally hideous in my opinion, but I guess that’s subjective.

Do I love this version as much as my old one?
Well it is fab, the colours are fun and lively. It’s cosy and warm and yes I do love it, but it has taken a little bit of getting used to. With the thicker fabric, my breath doesn’t dissipate as quickly as with the cotton Buff, leading to a bit of wet face if the air temperature isn’t that cold.

Also it is much thicker than my usual one so I can’t do the collar of my jacket up without risking strangulation. Mind you, the fluffy buff stops any potential draft.

The thickness also has an impact when rolled up over my face inside the bike helmet. It makes things very snug indeed.

As the mornings get colder I feel these are fairly minor things and I’m not unduly bothered by them, it is nice to have the softness of the fleece against your face.  However is it doing the job better than my cotton one…possibly not; but the softness is nice.

SUMMARY: Polar Buff feels warm and soft against the skin, and works well to keep out cold drafts in high winds (like on a motorbike). Its thickness can be a bit of a minor problem/consideration because it adds a considerable layer under other clothing around the neck, but if you can get used to this it’s worth it. I haven’t detected much of a warmth difference between the Polar and normal Buffs, yet…

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  • Anonymous

    For warmth with thinness – get 2 normal Buffs and wear them on inside t'other. 😀

  • Jodie

    Cold snap has just hit us and i can now detect a very real difference between the buffs. Even with the collar of my jacket undone i get no drafts with the polar buff as it is thick enough to plug any gaps and my face is wrapped up nice and snuggly.

    Definitely recommend to all bikers as a winter alternative to a regular buff. I'm also going to start wearing it on my 6am dog walks to protect my face from the cold wind.


    Couldn’t have survived last winter without my Polar Buff, generally used it as a scarf but watched the Buff video and now a dab hand at making a suoer warm hat. Hope to get me a summer version.

  • Renata

    I love my polar buff. Wore it everyday during the winter to and from work in a variety of way depending on how bad the snow was.