Buck Knives – Flashpoint

Aluminium and the outdoor industry go together like lingerie catalogues and teenage boys’ bedrooms. They’re just a perfect match. And when you throw in the colour orange and an element of mortal danger, the intoxicating combination is one which I am totally weak for.

Hnrgh... I've come over all funny.

Before I go on, I should point out that the Buck Flashpoint is a lock knife. As such, under British Law you need a damn good excuse to be carrying it, and even then it should only be carried in a context-sensitive fashion (i.e. in a fishing tackle box when you’re at the lake). You can read more about knife law here.

The law aside, by God it’s a pretty bit of gear. And it feels as good as it looks too. It’s heavy and reassuring, with a smooth action and a positive ‘click’. You open it up and your thumb rests on a ridged bump, and your forefinger sits in a protective valley. You want to thrust it into something and let out a primal yowl of dominance. Or, if you’re a vegetarian, chop some broccoli in a stylish manner.

The handle contains a carabiner clip which serves a double purpose as a bottle opener. This, of course, allows you to indulge in the heady combination of alcohol and blades, which is always a winner.

Look at it. Just look at it!

The handle also comprises of a very, very stiff belt clip, which holds the knife securely on your side, ready for the next bear attack or moose disembowelment.

I wish I could carry this knife with me everywhere. I wish I could sit on the tube and just open and close it, experiencing that delightful click and woosh feeling of the blade sliding in the handle. But alas, I can’t.

The Buck Flashpoint is a lovely knife, and for the few people that can legally carry a lock-knife it will make a great outdoor companion. But for the rest of us who don’t want a criminal record, it’s just another lock-knife which is better left on the shelf.

SUMMARY: Beautifully crafted, very sharp and great to hold. Perfect for keeping in an emergency lockbox, fishing tackle box or outdoor-worker’s toolkit, but for anyone not engaged in legally viable knife-work, it’s a no-no because it’s a lock knife. You could always keep it at home and whittle in your bedroom…

 Price: £39.99
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