Brunton donates 250 TruArc 3 compasses to The Scouts Association

Brunton have been manufacturing navigation products since 1894 and they believe that nurturing navigational skills in young people is invaluable.  Learning orienteering tests a wide range of skills from how to use a map and compass to mental and physical agility.  To support this belief Brunton became Official Scout Compass earlier this year and will be donating 250 TruArc 3 compasses to The Scouts Association this summer.

brunton scout


Brunton’s partnership with The Scout Association draws on the brand’s expert knowledge in this area.  As part of its commitment, Brunton will also create a range of “How to” posters with the first two being launched this month and focusing on “How to take a bearing” and “Orientating a map”.  In addition to this Brunton is partnering the Scouts Orienteer activity badge and has devised a pack of activities aimed at generating an understanding of navigation.  To attain this badge Scouts will need to learn how to orienteer a map and walk on a bearing as well as develop an understanding of map symbols and answer questions on the Countryside Code.


Ralph White, managing director of Rosker Ltd, distributor of Brunton here in the UK and driving force behind the partnership says:  “The Scout Association has great heritage and is hugely respected.  As a society we are constantly being offered gadgets that do the thinking for us which of course is great sometimes but not always.  We believe learned skills such as navigation still have a valuable place in society.  The 250 compasses will be distributed around the UK and we hope they will inspire young people wherever they live to learn valuable skills and to appreciate the world around us.”

Brunton TruArc compasses start from £12 for the TruArc3 and can be found in Scout Shops or to find a stockist near you contact: [email protected]