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Brunton – Bump Solar Phone Charger

With outdoor apps soaking up an awful lot of juice from your phone, if you’re relying on it to help guide your way, keep in contact or provide your entertainment then you will probably need a little battery boost at some point. And that is exactly what Brunton’s Bump does – gives a little boost when you need it.brunton-bump1

At less than 6cm x 3cm x 1cm in size, the Bump is small enough to hang from a keychain or pack where it will slowly soak up the sun’s rays and (providing you don’t use it too often) be ready with a battery top-up when Angry Birds has sapped you down to that gut-wrenching, paranoia-inducing last 10% of battery power.

It’s touted as water-resistant, but has a micro-USB port in the open end, so I’m not totally convinced by that statement. The male port (which goes in to your phone) is protected by a sliding cover, so at least that will stay dry and mud-free.brunton-bump2

The teeny-tiny keychain loop would be suitable for the very smallest of key rings, but the hole is little bigger than a pin.

Reading the stats from the back of the Bump (different to their website), it says:
Solar Panel 0.15W
Battery capacity 550mAh
Output 5V 500mA

So, one thing to consider if you’re relying on the Bump is how much current your phone needs if it is very, very low or dead. I THINK that some of the more power-hungry phones need a 1A charge to kick them back to life from dead state. That said, a 550mA boost will give a medium charged battery a good kick.

Price: $40
More: Brunton

Also available with an Apple iPhone 4 style connection.

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