Bright Products – Sunbell Solar Lamp

Scandinavia is producing some of the most exciting product design for the outdoor industry at the moment, and this Sunbell Lamp from Bright Products caught our eye as one to watch last summer. We’ve had a lamp on test now over winter in a house that doesn’t have any lighting, and so it’s been put through its paces.



We could spend a while trying to describe exactly what you’re looking at, but it’s so modular and adaptable that we think it’s probably easier if you watch their own video:

So, you see, it’s a solar-charged (or wall charged) LED light, which can be used as a spotlight, torch, room-light, phone charger, amplifier and centre-piece! Told you it was easier to watch the video.

We’ve been using it mostly in ‘room light’ mode, where it’s been plugged in to its own diffusing base and casting a nice moderate light in otherwise dark rooms.

Bright reckon that 3-4 hours of ‘good’ sunlight will be enough to fully charge it. Unfortunately, living in Shropshire, we’re limited to ‘good’ sunlight every few days for an hour or so, so in reality we’ve left the solar panel on a windowsill all day and been OK running the lamp on medium power (25 lumen – just enough to read by) for a few hours in the evening. I suspect that to get the full benefit of bright mode (100 lumen) you’d have to rely on more sunny climes or the wall charger.


It makes a great centre-piece, and it’s been picked up by most of the visitors to our house, wondering what it is and where they can get one.

My favourite feature of the Sunbell is the hide-away 9ft long cable which allows you to trail the solar panel either out of your tent, or up a tree for better light. With a cable that winds up and hides in the lamp’s solar cell, it’s a super-neat way of extending the lamp’s usability.

I really like the Sunbell. Personally, I wouldn’t use it as a phone charger unless I was up the creek without a paddle, so thinking of it as a lamp alone it makes a good companion on dark nights.

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Price: £54 (Amazon)