Bridgedale – Na-Kd socks

Socks are just socks, right?

Well as an ordinary, but very experienced, sock-wearer I think I’m qualified enough to say yes. Yes they are.

There are occasional exceptions of course, mainly when they rub and hurt in areas where you don’t want them to rub and hurt, but that’s pretty rare these days given that sock manufacturers are fully aware that rubbing socks = bad business.

So that leaves socks that don’t rub and hurt, and these little Bridgedale Na-Kd socks fall squarely into that category.

The technical bumf accompanying the Na-Kds reckons they’re akin to running in bare feet because they’re 40% mesh and mega breathable, but because I never run in bare feet – in fact I never run, I can’t really say how true that is.

To the ordinary person like me they’re trainer socks you can kind of see through, meaning you can actually kind of see your feet through the mesh. I hate feet though, so they’re not quite my cup of tea in that regard.

The toe and heel is reinforced so they don’t fall apart, the seams are minimal and don’t rub (I wore mine while walking far too much around New York recently) and the Achilles area has a small roll of padding to reduce rub back there too.

So there you have it. They’re socks. They go on, pull off and go in the wash ready to start all over again.

If you want technical stuff – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t… here goes:
53% Nylon /polyamide
42% Coolmax® / polyester
5% Lycra® / elastane

SUMMARY: They’re socks. They go on, pull off and go in the wash ready to start all over again. They don’t rub, and are light enough that you can see through them. They breathe well, and look sock-like.

 Price: £10 at most retailers
 More info: Google