Bridgedale – DuoLite Beanie Hat

Bridgedale, the brand which is known for its hiking socks, has turned things upside-down by releasing a range of hats this year, and we got sent one of their lightweigh DuoLite beanies to try out.


I’m not going to publish a selfie of me wearing the thing because I just don’t have a head for hats and they always look crap on me. So, instead, lets talk about function for this super-simple little hat and you’ll have to suffice with the product shot above.

The DuoLite is made from 2 layers of DriRelease fabric, which is as soft as linen and will dry off quicker than a natural-fibre weave if it gets wet or sweaty. DriRelease is an American fabric which uses a mix of moisture-loving and moisture-hating threads to pull sweat from your skin and then actively encourage it to evaporate away, rather than soak in to the fabric. In practice, it’s never felt clammy or sticky.

The two layers are different colours – in our case they were blue and grey – which makes it reversible and thus you can choose whether to show your outgoing or shrinking-violet personality to those around you.

The hat is really thin, and fits well underneath a climbing helmet to give you some insulation on cold, breezy days. And it takes the edge off nicely if you’re sat around a campfire on a cold evening too.

I found the label a little bit itchy when I had it on my forehead, but a repositioning to put it over my hair sorted that.

And that’s pretty much all I can say about this little hat: It’s soft, comfy and reasonably warm, and reversible… that’s it.

4-hammersPrice: £20
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