Breffo – Spiderpodium Tablet for iPad

Big brother the the Spiderpodium which we reviewed a little while back, the Spiderpodium Tablet is an altogether chunkier and tougher bit of gear along the same lines.

Essentially a set of silicone-rubber-coated wire legs with a central hub, the Spiderpodium is posable in an infinite number of ways, and this one is sized to grip on to an iPad and hold it pretty much anywhere you want it.

Sticking movies and music on to an iPad can make long cold camping nights seem that little bit shorter and cosier, but holding an iPad at an angle you can see it makes for tired arms, and when you want to hide under a blanket you need a device which can pose it for you.

The Spiderpodium uses 8 legs which you can bend and flex so that the iPad can be held, or propped in pretty much any angle, hung from things (useful in a campervan or tent) or tied around a handy pole (in a teepee).

The Spiderpodium is made in the UK and priced at £25. OK, so that’s more expensive than propping your iPad against a rock or balancing it on your lap, but having had one now for several month I can honestly say that it’s been very useful because it also doubles up as… well, anything your imagination can conjour. You can keep wine bottles from spilling, hold hot pans, throw it at friends and yell ‘spider!’. The fun is endless.

SUMMARY: It’s a rubber coated wire device that’s bendable in every direction and sized to hold and iPad. It has no flaws or obvious weaknesses and is really very useful. 

 More: Breffo
 Price: £24.95

  • I bought one of these a year ago – used it for an iPhone holder in the van. Great bit of kit! Glad to hear its UK made too…