Brasher – Women’s Trekking Socks

This is a guest review by Jodie.

Salt, pepper and cheese - 3 seasons

I have this weird tendency to never have the right gear for the conditions – I wear the most inappropriate items as a badge of honour amongst the gear illiterati.

When I learnt to kayak on the Thames I did it in tracksuit pants and a pair of old trainers. All my buddies were neoprened from top to toe. They now have cupboards full of gear that they’ll never wear again and, well, I don’t!

My attitude towards my sock drawer is no different. I’ve got M&S cotton socks, so what do I need posh wicking, fur lined, fancy numbers for? Bog standard black cotton M&S jobbies are foot shaped aren’t they?

And to further illustrate the fact I can tell you that my “outdoor” socks consist of a pair of red possum-fur numbers that my mother in law brought back from New Zealand and some totes bed socks that are “on thick side” so I decreed them suitable for wearing with wellies.

So, when my little Brasher 3-season (salt, pepper and, er, cheese?) socks appeared for testing I was somewhat taken aback. They are properly foot shaped, unlike my possum fur numbers which are more of a woolly tube. And this shaping squeezes the fabric in around the foot and ankle and helps keep the sock in place when I walk. It’s a revelation.

Styling wise, they look walking-sock-like and suitable outdoorsy – they are certainly more discreet than the red possum-socks and should I feel the need to ease my feet out of their boots at a half point rest-top they certainly won’t draw any scorn from walking companions as per my sparkly bedsocks.

My first walking test was trying them with the wellies that I don every morning for my 6am stumble with the dog – well you try operating laces when you are still half asleep – and they passed with flying colours. My feet have been comfortable and noticeably very warm even on he frostiest of starts – I admit that my M&S socks simply cannot compete on that level.

My second test has been on a couple of 2 hour walks with my Brasher boots and this is where, rather surprisingly, the socks have let me down. Both times they have given me hot spots on my left heel. I suspect this is caused by the fact that the socks are thicker than the aforementioned M&S cotton numbers and so I’m lacing the boots differently. Or perhaps for thicker socks I need a larger sized boot… Brasher boots are quite close-fitting. But for it to happen twice is perplexing me a bit.

SUMMARY: I think for the price they are a good investment and anyone who enjoys long walks should invest in at least one pair of decent, comfortable walking socks for their drawer. They really do aid to the enjoyment of being outdoors – even if it’s keeping your tootsies warm on a cold day. I for one am glad that my sock drawer looks a little more up to spec. I now have some of the gear and a vague idea! 4 hammers (Missing out because of weird hotspot issue)

Price: £7-10
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