Brasher – Lithium GTX Walking Boots (Mens)

Frosty day, toasty dry toes

I’m not sure why it is, but I’ve always given gear that I’ve bought with my own hard-earned cash more of a rough time than gear which we’ve been given to review. And that’s absolutely true with these Brasher boots.

Brasher are a British company and I must admit one which hasn’t really crossed my radar until quite recently. Perhaps they don’t have the big-budget marketing spend of some of their competition, so aren’t front of mind. They do, however, have quite a loyal following and a little research shows an excellent reputation for all things footwear.

I bought the Lithium GTX at a vastly reduced price from GoOutdoors (still on sale) as a replacement everyday boot for my knackered old boots with no preconceptions about the brand or quality and I have been gobsmackingly impressed by these boots.

The Lithiums are a lightweight fabric walking boot with a full GoreTex GTX waterproofing layer, suede detailing on the upper and a hefty rubber toe bumper to protect the boot from the trail.

Brasher make a lot of the fact that their footbeds/soles are amongst the best, and I have to agree. I felt that my foot was held snugly by the heel and arch, but had room to swell after a longer walk (or hot day… not that we’ve had any of those recently). And coupled with Brasher’s own thick woolen trekking socks they’re a true all-day boot.

Now, I’m always sceptical of the ‘waterproof’ badge on boots, so I made sure I tested that well. You can see how I did it on this short video.

I’m astonished to say that, despite their fabric construction, on this day and every day since (including in 12 inches of snow) the Lithiums have never let a single drop of water in. Impressive.

The sole is quite gnarly on these boots – big, chunky tread grips well on mud, snow and rock, and a comfortable lacing system keeps the boot firmly in place during walking and scrambling.

At 1.2kg for a pair, the Lithiums are much lighter than a waterproof leather pair of boots (by about 400g, or a can of coke), but there is perhaps a small degree of difference in their protection from the cold when compared to a heavier boot. Nothing that a decent pair of socks won’t sort out, unless you’re a serious cold-weather expeditionist.

SUMMARY: Brasher is now well and truly on my radar after impressing me so much with these very lightweight (for their size), very waterproof, very comfortable boots. A fortnight of everyday wear hasn’t raised a single fault or niggle and they’ve been faultless on many a cold, snowy walk. If you can get them on sale (see below) they’re a positive STEAL, and if you can’t then they’re still a lot of boot for the money. The womens version is being reviewed and will be posted over the weekend.

Price: £115* (currently on sale at £69, so grab them while you can)
More info: Brasher Facebook Twitter
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  • David Phillips

    Bought a pair last week and was also immensely impressed I paid £69.99 at TK Max of all places. The only thing that put me off was the lace hooks at the top, only because I go paragliding, hooks can get caught in the cords on take off and landing. No problem though just put a roll of gaffer tape in the pack to cover them with whilst flying.

  • Sam T

    In terms of comfort, grip, breathability, awesome, best boots I’ve owned. In terms of durability, awful. The sole separated at the back of the left boot after 6 months occasional wear, the fabric then above my little toe and I’ve just done 50 miles over 2 days where both boots are being held together with tape… Really sad about this because they are really lovely wear.

  • John Nelson

    I have bought a pair again for a bargain price of £69.99 I have had them a few years but very rarely worn as the wife has a dodgy leg so we started doing other things, when worn it has only been light duty and i bet no more than 100miles but they have been very comfy miles and well suited with the boots up till today, the ground underfoot has been a bit wet and boggy not all the way as have only done 7.5 miles and ended up with my left toes being damp and my right toe a bit more so now a bit disappointed